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Copper Sulphate

Copper Sulphate „Made in Italy“ We have been selling copper connections from Manica S.p.A., Italy, for five decades now. Constant, outstanding product quality combined with the highest product safety and excellent service make copper connections “Made in Italy” the first choice in a variety of applications. An extensive range of products is available through Oskar […]

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Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry Galvano Barium Chloride, dihydrate, HPGCitric Acid, anhydrousCitric Acid, monohydrateCopper Sulphate PentahydrateMalic Acid(powder + fine granular)NikotinamideSodium-Saccharin, 20-40 mesh + 40-80 meshTri-Sodium-Citrate, dihydrateTataric Acid, granularVanillin Plastics Barium Hydroxide, monohydrate + octahydrateTitanium Dioxide Phosphors Barium Carbonate, HP BM 040Barium Carbonate, HP VL 600Barium Carbonate, HP VL 600 SBarium Carbonate, HP VL 700 S Barium FluorideCalcium Carbonate,

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Cosmetic Antioxidants Ascorbic AcidAscorbic Acid, powder (100 mesh) Preservatives Potassium SorbateSodium Benzoate, granularSodium Benzoate, powderSorbic Acid Pigments Titanium Dioxide Acidity Regulators Citric Acid, anhydrousCitric Acid, monohydrateTri-Potassium-CitrateTri-Sodium-Citrate, dihydrate Energizer Caffeine Sweeteners Acesulfame KSodium – Saccharin 450x, 20 – 40 mesh Sodium – Saccharin 450x, 40 – 80 mesh Thickener Xanthan Gum Vitamins Niacin

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Feed Flavors Sodium-Saccharin Preservatives Citric Acid, anhydrousCitric Acid, monohydrateMalic AcidPotassium SorbateSorbic AcidTri-Sodium-Citrate, dihydrate Acidity Regulators Citric Acid, anhydrousCitric Acid, monohydrateMalic Acid Trace Elements Copper Sulphate Vitamins Ascorbic AcidNikotinamide

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Food Flavors Vanillin Taste Enhancer Mono-Sodium-Glutamate Preservatives Potassium Sorbate, granularSodium Benzoate, granularSodium Benzoate, powderSodium PyrosulphiteSorbic Acid Pigments Titanium Dioxide Food Grade Acidity Regulators Calcium LactateCitric Acid, anhydrousCitric Acid, monohydrateMalic Acid (powder + fine granular)Sodium AscorbateTri-Potassium-CitrateTri-Sodium-Citrate, dihydrateTataric Acid, granular Energizer CaffeineInositolTaurine Sweeteners Acesulfame KAspartame, granularAspartame, powderSodium CyclamateSodium-Saccharin 450x, 20-40 meshSodium-Saccharin 450x, 40-80 meshSucralose Thickener Guar GumXanthan

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